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What Do Indecision, Poor Talent Management, and Sloppy Change Management Cost You?

More than your reputation as a leader, that’s for sure.


You’re too petrified to make a clear decision and it creates a bottleneck in productivity and a lack of confidence in you from your team.

Poor Talent Management

You’re unable to maximize everyone’s potential so they leave for better opportunities and create hiring costs in the process.

Sloppy Change Management

You can’t handle change one action item at a time and it creates costly chaos for everyone involved and the company’s bottom line.

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I’ve been in your seat before…

Bobby Harrington, Certified Executive Coach

I draw from my experiences as a US Marine veteran and a seasoned oil and gas leader. Over the years, I’ve faced and conquered the unique challenges of the battlefield and the boardroom.

At Stronger You, my mission is to level up exceptional leaders by honing their strategic thinking, nurturing their emotional intelligence, and perfecting their change management skills. The modern executive’s role is complex, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way. I’m committed to empowering your results and proving your success through raw data as well as the improvement of your health. 


As we explore together, you’ll not only unlock the secrets of transformative leadership but also discover the power of the Strong You mindset.

Signature Coaching Program

Transform Your Leadership In 12 Months

As I learned in military and oil and gas leadership, you have to have a clear course of action to turn plans into prosperity. Through my 12-month Stronger You coaching plan you get a personal course of action, and access to me along with my patented frameworks that will propel you to success. Together we will clarify the vision you have for your future and follow the course of action best suited for you and your goals. You’ll go from indecision to decisive. From poor talent management to excellent talent management. From sloppy change management to agile, efficient change management.

You’ll be the leader you’ve dreamt of being with none of the pain points plaguing you along the way.

Tired of feeling held back on your leadership journey?

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